Time Matters

Let’s take a look on the working time that is fulfilled in most people on average, and how much we can really enjoy.

Most people started working at age 20 on average, and if we work until age 70, and considering:

8 hours of sleep (which is a lot!)

8 working hours a day

2 hours of average work trips


12 years sleeping

12 years working ?

3 years work trips

and finally 18 years of free Time! ?

Unfortunately, 80% of people who work do not like what they do.Working is not a game, it is tough and more if we do something we do not like.

Wouldn’t it be better to try to use some of that free time, by doing something we can be proud ?

How much of that time are we willing to spend to improve and create a skill or business?

Can we try to do something that does not force us to lose those 12 + 3 years doing something we hate? Something that gives us proud?

Surely you can create something that gives you more pleasure than working for the companies you hate.

Many of us are afraid of doing new things, fear of failure, due to the teachings of the old school system and family beliefs.

DON’T FEAR FAILURE, FEAR STAYING STUCK !! And maybe if you are lucky enough you can quit your Job.

What about the owners?

How determined are you to grow your business?

Are you willing to sacrifice that time?

The biggest recommendation is that focus on your product, and delegate as many tasks as you can to third parties such as Marketing, accounting, etc.

Trust professionals who allow you to shorten the time to be successful as soon as possible and thus enjoy the maximum of all those hours that will not return anymore.

The key to accelerating a business is distribution, being able to delegate the most important tasks, and allowing you to get back in a shorter time.

After all we are in a game of time, money is only what allows us to enjoy that precious time of freedom that we all want.




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